Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Tips on chest acne for hotty men!😘

Tips on chest acne for hotty men!😘
Hy handsome guys,bitchy fashion has got something interesting for you. The most sexy and bold part of a men is chest,but chest acne is most common problems among men. So i m giving some tips to achieve spotless and sexy chest :

1. Always take showers after workout : It reduces the factors of getting acne because of sweat.

2. Take care with your body wash:

Try to get body wash that contains something to fight with acne.

 3. Exfoliation: Always exfoliate ur chest twice or thrice a week.

 4. Alcohol based Ointment: Totally avoid alcohol based ointments and detergent soaps.  It creates  irritation as a result acne.

5. Steroids acne: As the name suggest this is a type of acne that is specified to steroids users. It does not matter you use steroids that are prescribed or illegal, acne will occur in any of the case. But it will go away as you stop consumption of steroids.


1) Lemon juice:Just squeeze the lemon juice in a bowl and apply it on the acne through a cotton ball.

2) Aloe-Vera Gel: it is one of the most effective remedies. You just need scoop out some of the jelly from plant. And apply it on your acne, you can see the results in few days.


I hope this helps you , all the bests to have a spotless and sexy chests. 



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